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Supervisors confront state restrictions, or maybe not

As Nevada County struggles to move out of the purple tier of COVID-19 risk, county and city officials have taken a pass when it comes to cracking down on businesses that are prohibited by the state from operating indoors. Do … Continue reading

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Have your COVID-19 shots? It’s too early to celebrate yet

(Note: Because nobody was paying attention, the following column never made it into the Tuesday edition of The Union. If you don’t subscribe to the paper, consider this a freebie.) I will be fully protected against COVID-19 Saturday, and my … Continue reading

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A Rebane regular? Here’s why you should proceed with caution

In his continuing effort to save Americans from the authoritarian diktats of our scheming lefties, Dr. George Rebane takes another shot at masks in the latest edition of Scattershots at Rebane’s Ruminations. “Masks don’t work and are damaging our health,” … Continue reading

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