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Ready to reenter post-shut down America? Good luck

As we enter the uncharted waters of a post-shut down America, I have a couple of questions: Is it safe to go outside? Where is it safe? Like everybody else, I’m tired of spending too much time at home. Like … Continue reading

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Nevada County stumbles back to what passes for normal

Nevada County residents are beginning to resume what used to pass for normal life around here, and early indications are they are no more interested in wearing masks and practicing social distancing than their fellow Americans. A variety of pictures … Continue reading

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Put your money where your mouth is

People who like to bet legally on sports events have been left high and dry—and more solvent than they’ve been in a long time—since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Nevada casinos and their bookmaking operations. The only sports books … Continue reading

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We’ll soon see one of the consequences of electing Trump

Barack Obama observed that “elections have consequences,” and we will soon learn one of the consequences of electing Donald Trump president when the Supreme Court hands down decisions on several hot-button issues. The court is expected to issue decisions before … Continue reading

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The truth is what you can get people to believe about China

It has been said that the truth is what you can get people to believe, and it is clear that the Trump administration is hell-bent to convince the American people that the coronavirus was leaked from a China bioweapons lab. … Continue reading

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Bleach, light to kill the coronavirus? Here’s one possibility

(This is an update of a post I wrote almost four years ago. The basic premise is more valid today than it was then.) Supporters of Donald Trump are trying to portray Joe Biden as a fumblin’, bumblin’ senile old … Continue reading

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