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Hey, Jeffie, why didn’t you disclose YOUR conflict of interest?

Regular readers of his blog know that Podunk Pelline has a double standard for activities in these parts: There’s one standard that applies to Jeffie and a second standard that applies to everybody else. A good example can be found … Continue reading

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A bank robbery? Time to call Mr. Crime Stopper!

Some miscreant, apparently scared out of Nevada City by Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, held up the Tri Counties Bank branch on Combie Road Thursday–practically at the front gate of Lake of the Pines! The thief probably thought The Queen of the … Continue reading

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The Dallas shootings shouldn’t surprise anybody

No rational person can justify the actions of the black sniper who killed five Dallas police officers and wounded seven more, but the atrocity shouldn’t surprise anybody after the two most recent shootings of black men by white police. Black … Continue reading

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Another example of how the entitled are different from you and I

Old Bay Area joke: How may college students does it take to change a light bulb? At Cal, it takes four: One to change the bulb and three to discuss its significance. At Stanford, it doesn’t take any students because … Continue reading

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Nobody has clean hands in the Lamphier child porn case

Former Supervisor Terry Lamphier’s no contest plea to a single charge of misuse of country property by a public official–accessing child pornography on a county computer–caps a 1.5-year law-and-order drama that did little to instill confidence in our local criminal … Continue reading

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A higher power is looking out for the boys on Wall Street

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Sacramento announced with considerable fanfare last week that it has extracted a $5 billion fine from Goldman Sachs for misconduct related to the sale of mortgage securities that helped precipitate the 2008 financial crisis. Goldman … Continue reading

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