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More shoddy voter deception from NorCal Republicans

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in a contest to fill the vacant District 1 state Senate seat that represents Nevada County, part of Placer County, and other areas north of us. Election day is actually Tuesday, but most people … Continue reading

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Is de Leon ready to lead state’s progressives? You decide

Republicans are hoping that a progressive version of the Tea Party is about to takeover the California Democratic Party, a radical shift the GOP views as good for its chances of finally becoming relevant again in the Golden State. The … Continue reading

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Don’t let the stars get in your eyes

I generally don’t comment on the work of my ¬†fellow columnists at The Union–heck, we get enough comments from the readers–but I can’t resist replying to Hilary Hodge’s column in today’s edition about the California Democratic Party convention. Hodge, a … Continue reading

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Democrats abandoned the white working class, but the Republicans will exploit them

They probably don’t want to hear it right now, but the people who voted for Donald Trump because they believe he will improve their economic situation better be careful what they wish for. We’re told that Trump’s unexpected victory was … Continue reading

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These are not the best of times for Trump supporters

You cannot be happy if you’ve cast your lot with Donald Trump, because this has been a bad week for his candidacy. First, he lost the debate to Hillary Clinton before a Super Bowl size television audience–even the experts Fox … Continue reading

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What little integrity Clinton has left takes another blow

Hillary Clinton just spent three days Hoovering up $9 million in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, part of an estimated $57 million she’s raised this month for her presidential campaign. In her latest visit to the California ATM, she … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton knows how to work a crowd–any crowd

Bill Clinton was in top form last night at the Democratic National Convention as he made the case for why Hillary should be elected president. Regardless of what you think of him as a person or president, you have to … Continue reading

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