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Bought and paid for: Republican tax ‘reform’ legislation

Here’s all you really need to know about the Republicans’ tax “reform” legislation: When the bill the Senate voted on finally surfaced last Friday–the one with 500 pages that nobody had time to read–the Republican leadership sent copies to K … Continue reading

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Conservatives create jobs too

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, the self-proclaimed economic development guru of Nevada County, has complained for years that the presence of knuckle-dragging conservatives is retarding growth in our fair community. In Podunk’s telling, these people discourage young entrepreneurs from moving or establishing … Continue reading

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Democrats abandoned the white working class, but the Republicans will exploit them

They probably don’t want to hear it right now, but the people who voted for Donald Trump because they believe he will improve their economic situation better be careful what they wish for. We’re told that Trump’s unexpected victory was … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the gates

Oh no! A large sign promoting the candidacy of Donald Trump has been spotted at the southern entrance to Nevada County on Highway 49, further discouraging millennials from moving here. If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe our weather … Continue reading

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What a bunch of dumbbells

The Sacramento Bee, the region’s largest newspaper that prides itself on holding the powerful accountable, has some explaining to do about the  36-page section on Northern Californian’s numerous aquatic recreational opportunities it published Monday. It made the fatal error of … Continue reading

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Getting a bad case of heart Bern

Bernie Sanders brought his quixotic campaign for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination to Sacramento yesterday, promising “real change” he knows he can’t produce. Sanders has attracted a young following–many of them alleged to be the millennials coveted by Nevada County … Continue reading

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