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Feeding California’s two-headed pension monster

Two actions occurred earlier this week that guarantee Californians will pay higher taxes for fewer services in the future to satisfy the insatiable demands of our two-headed pension monster, CalPERS and CalSTRS. The CalPERS board decided Tuesday that the state will increase … Continue reading

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Two questions nobody’s asking about the Boardwalk

The Nevada City Council has decided to kick the can down the road, delaying for another year a final decision on the fate of the city’s Boardwalk while the city collects data on its use that could have been gathered by now. … Continue reading

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With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Some people are unhappy with the coaches of one of western Nevada County’s prep football teams, but it’s not the fans of the school that went 0-10 last season. The disgruntled fans are from Bear River High School, and they made it … Continue reading

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The county office–and schools–should be consolidated

County Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen told The Union a couple of years ago that the superintendents of Nevada County’s school districts weren’t clambering for consolidation. Well, duh! That’s not the most clueless comment I’ve heard from a public official since moving to … Continue reading

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Transgender bathrooms? In elementary school?

Conservatives have been rightly criticized over the years for opposing government interference in our lives, except when it comes to who we can marry, how we conduct our lives, and even how we die. That sounds like hypocrisy to a … Continue reading

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