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Ryan demonstrates again that our elected leaders are clueless

It has been observed that our elected leaders spend so much time inside the Washington Beltway that they’ve lost touch with the people they represent. House Speaker Paul Ryan reinforced the notion again this week. The occasion was the swearing-in … Continue reading

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Putin’s playing Trump like a master violinist

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing Donald Trump like a master violinist, a development that does not bode well for foreign affairs under the new administration. For reasons that aren’t clear, Trump has become … Continue reading

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…than never

Ten years after the idea surfaced, the Grass Valley City Council looked at a conceptual design for an entry way monument. The design received mixed reviews and will probably need more work.

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Democrats abandoned the white working class, but the Republicans will exploit them

They probably don’t want to hear it right now, but the people who voted for Donald Trump because they believe he will improve their economic situation better be careful what they wish for. We’re told that Trump’s unexpected victory was … Continue reading

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Just like clock work, there’s another ballot screw-up

Just as we’ve come to expect, there’s a screw-up in the ballots mailed to Nevada County voters for the November 8 election. This time, some vote-by-mail ballots are missing a page, apparently the page listing nine of the 17 state … Continue reading

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One reason The Union doesn’t endorse candidates

The Union reported in its editorial this morning that it has no intention of endorsing a candidate for president, mainly because there is no way it could achieve a consensus from the members of the editorial board. “Rather than offering … Continue reading

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YubaNet: All the news that fits…its political agenda

YubaNet made its reputation covering forest fires, a vital and much-needed service in an area that’s just one spark away from a major conflagration. But its attempt to become a genuine news source for the foothills is pretty much smoke-and-mirrors. … Continue reading

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