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Republicans are the new ‘know nothing’ party

Some 58% of Republicans–69% of those who voted for Donald Trump–believe the severity of the coronavirus pandemic is being exaggerated, and only 10% of those over 65 (the most vulnerable group) are worried about it, according to a new poll … Continue reading

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Maybe the GOP should rethink its mid-term strategy

People apparently like the idea of medical insurance so much that not even bumbling government bureaucrats couldn’t stop them from meeting the initial enrollment projections for ObamaCare. A late surge at the end of open enrollment March 31–naturally, the government’s … Continue reading

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Diaz (quietly) admits his reading of election code was wrong

County Clerk Recorder Gregory Diaz, who likes to issue mind-numbing press releases that promote the competence of his office, has quietly admitted that his novel interpretation of a section of the election code was wrong. Diaz sent a certified letter … Continue reading

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Well, LaMalfa got this one sort of right

This blog has been critical of Rep. Doug LaMalfa for his support of farm subsidies that benefit him directly, and for his support of big cuts in food stamps that would hurt many of his constituents. But we’re a big believer … Continue reading

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Why we need single-payer health insurance

The old admonition that it pays to shop around is never more true than when it comes to prescription drugs. A friend of mine takes Carvedilol, a blood pressure medication, twice a day. A one-month supply (60 tablets, 12.5 MG) costs … Continue reading

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Like it or not, GM crops will feed the world

Author Michael Pollan, one the high priests of the small food movement, will appear at Veterans Memorial Hall in Grass Valley tonight to preach the gospel to a local congregation of brethren who strive to be organic, range-free, gluten-free, no preservatives … Continue reading

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