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Oh, no! More crime in Podunk’s hood!

In his ongoing effort to school the local bumpkins, Jeff “Podunk” Pelline assumes many guises. One of them is Mr. Crime Stopper. After the Nevada City branch of Tri-Counties Bank was robbed for the third time in two years, Podunk … Continue reading

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Let’s see how long it takes Jeffie to correct this blooper

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, western Nevada County’s foremost media critic, takes great delight in pointing out errors made by others in the media and on blogs. His glee is almost palpable when he uncovers a mistake, but holding himself to the … Continue reading

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Liking the people you cover can be dangerous for a reporter

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline took some victory laps recently because he was invited to a luncheon celebrating the reelection of county Clerk-Recorder Gregory Diaz, giving Jeffie an excuse to (again) drop a name and (again) infer that he’s an important fellow. … Continue reading

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Jeffie gets a letter from Kamala? Big whoop

  By Greg Knightbridge, Special Correspondent Regular readers of Jeff Pelline’s Sierra Foothills Report know a more accurate title would be “Jeff Pelline: The Saga Continues,” because the basic premise of the blog is the wonderful life he leads when … Continue reading

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Pelline tries to get in touch with his feminine side, I suppose

The #MeToo movement has apparently reached the Pelline household, as we are told in a recent monologue from the man himself. The subject apparently triggered a long discussion at the dinner table, where Podunk counseled his son to show respect … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline’s just an 8-year-old at heart

“The Union columnist Boardman poops on the local hospital” –Headline on Pelline’s blog. “The universal language of 8-year-olds.” Jeff Glor, anchor, CBS Evening News, after a report on an 8-year-old in Iraq who used the word “poop”:¬†¬†

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Podunk Pelline: Enabler of pseudo science

“One of the problems I have, however, is that the science people keep lording ‘science’ over the rest of us. I have my own opinion on these issues, but I don’t find it constructive to call others ‘illiterate.’” Jeff “Podunk” … Continue reading

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