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Pelline tries to get in touch with his feminine side, I suppose

The #MeToo movement has apparently reached the Pelline household, as we are told in a recent monologue from the man himself. The subject apparently triggered a long discussion at the dinner table, where Podunk counseled his son to show respect … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline’s just an 8-year-old at heart

“The Union columnist Boardman poops on the local hospital” –Headline on Pelline’s blog. “The universal language of 8-year-olds.” Jeff Glor, anchor, CBS Evening News, after a report on an 8-year-old in Iraq who used the word “poop”:¬†¬†

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Podunk Pelline: Enabler of pseudo science

“One of the problems I have, however, is that the science people keep lording ‘science’ over the rest of us. I have my own opinion on these issues, but I don’t find it constructive to call others ‘illiterate.’” Jeff “Podunk” … Continue reading

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Word on the street is that Jeffie is grandstanding again

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, always quick to come to the defense of a potential advertiser in his alleged magazine, is going after The Union for a recent story claiming multiple customers’ drinks were spiked at local bars. The Union ran a … Continue reading

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Hey, Jeffie, why didn’t you disclose YOUR conflict of interest?

Regular readers of his blog know that Podunk Pelline has a double standard for activities in these parts: There’s one standard that applies to Jeffie and a second standard that applies to everybody else. A good example can be found … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline praises columnist for The Union! Film at 11!

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but Jeff “Podunk” Pelline has actually praised a columnist for The Union. I know, I know. For almost a decade now, the alleged former big time journalist has relentlessly pounded … Continue reading

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As long as we’re on the subject of misleading the public…

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline just loves to find reasons for criticizing The Union, even stooping to making selective use of the facts if that’s what it takes to get in a cheap shot. Jeffie’s latest tantrum involves an item in the … Continue reading

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