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Pelline tries to get in touch with his feminine side, I suppose

The #MeToo movement has apparently reached the Pelline household, as we are told in a recent monologue from the man himself. The subject apparently triggered a long discussion at the dinner table, where Podunk counseled his son to show respect … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline’s just an 8-year-old at heart

“The Union columnist Boardman poops on the local hospital” –Headline on Pelline’s blog. “The universal language of 8-year-olds.” Jeff Glor, anchor, CBS Evening News, after a report on an 8-year-old in Iraq who used the word “poop”:¬†¬†

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Podunk Pelline: Enabler of pseudo science

“One of the problems I have, however, is that the science people keep lording ‘science’ over the rest of us. I have my own opinion on these issues, but I don’t find it constructive to call others ‘illiterate.’” Jeff “Podunk” … Continue reading

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Word on the street is that Jeffie is grandstanding again

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, always quick to come to the defense of a potential advertiser in his alleged magazine, is going after The Union for a recent story claiming multiple customers’ drinks were spiked at local bars. The Union ran a … Continue reading

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Hey, Jeffie, why didn’t you disclose YOUR conflict of interest?

Regular readers of his blog know that Podunk Pelline has a double standard for activities in these parts: There’s one standard that applies to Jeffie and a second standard that applies to everybody else. A good example can be found … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline praises columnist for The Union! Film at 11!

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but Jeff “Podunk” Pelline has actually praised a columnist for The Union. I know, I know. For almost a decade now, the alleged former big time journalist has relentlessly pounded … Continue reading

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