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The media should quit begging and whining, and just do its job

Some of the biggest names in television news made a pilgrimage to Trump Tower the other day to try to get in the good graces of President-elect Donald Trump. By all accounts, the meeting did not go particularly well. Trump … Continue reading

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Here’s some questions the kids can ask Podunk Pelline

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline informs us he’ll be addressing an AP government class at Nevada Union High School this week, giving new meaning to the term “big man on campus.” Podunk will weigh in on the topic of media and politics, … Continue reading

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One reason The Union doesn’t endorse candidates

The Union reported in its editorial this morning that it has no intention of endorsing a candidate for president, mainly because there is no way it could achieve a consensus from the members of the editorial board. “Rather than offering … Continue reading

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The lamestream media isn’t driving the news agenda–Trump is

A couple of local conservative bloggers are aflame with the media’s “unfair” treatment and general back-stabbing of their candidate, Donald Trump. George Rebane, writing at Rebane’s Ruminations, is dismayed to report that News Corporation–the owner of Fox News and The … Continue reading

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Some people don’t know a good story idea when they hear one

We attended the Nevada County Fair on opening night, the first time we’ve been in a couple of years. I don’t find it particularly exciting (it doesn’t seem to change much), but my wife likes to check out the farm … Continue reading

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‘The facts’ and hypocrisy are not problems for ‘Podunk’ Pelline

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline never tires of reminding the local yokels that he’s a former big time newspaper guy. Too bad he still doesn’t have editors who make sure what he writes is truthful and accurate. Those two elements of good … Continue reading

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Is this what social conservatives, evangelicals signed up for?

Social conservatives and evangelical Christians are captives of the Republican Party, primarily because the Democrats are unwilling to bend on the issues that are important to this constituency. They’re four-square for traditional marriage–you know, Dick and Jane instead of Dick … Continue reading

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