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Nevada City’s dysfunctional government is led by a toxic mayor

I sat in our living room Tuesday night with the Christmas tree glowing, a medley of Velveeta, Kraft American singles, and Premium Saltine crackers thrown on our Melmac Christmas dish, a glass of 2 Buck Chuck chardonnay in hand, a … Continue reading

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Oh, no! More crime in Podunk’s hood!

In his ongoing effort to school the local bumpkins, Jeff “Podunk” Pelline assumes many guises. One of them is Mr. Crime Stopper. After the Nevada City branch of Tri-Counties Bank was robbed for the third time in two years, Podunk … Continue reading

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Grass Valley’s probably isn’t going to promote this honor

Grass Valley, which considers itself a top contender for quaint foothill tourist destination honors, has been proclaimed one of the “10 Most White Trash Cities in California” by an online outfit called While Roadsnacks was quick to label the … Continue reading

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A bank robbery? Time to call Mr. Crime Stopper!

Some miscreant, apparently scared out of Nevada City by Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, held up the Tri Counties Bank branch on Combie Road Thursday–practically at the front gate of Lake of the Pines! The thief probably thought The Queen of the … Continue reading

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Compton, or The Queen of the Northern Mines?

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline reports that his son’s bike was stolen right off their front porch recently (ever hear of locks?). This goes with previous complaints about bank robberies in the neighborhood, granny units, cars up on blocks, and ruffians raising … Continue reading

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YubaNet: All the news that fits…its political agenda

YubaNet made its reputation covering forest fires, a vital and much-needed service in an area that’s just one spark away from a major conflagration. But its attempt to become a genuine news source for the foothills is pretty much smoke-and-mirrors. … Continue reading

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The Internet is changing the way we communicate

Legendary (in his own mind) blogger Jeff “Podunk” Pelline has apparently been drinking some of Reinette Senum’s conspiracy theory Kool-Aid, conjuring up a coordinated effort to bring down Nevada City’s most high-profile public official. Senum has apologized for the broad-brush … Continue reading

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