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YubaNet: All the news that fits…its political agenda

YubaNet made its reputation covering forest fires, a vital and much-needed service in an area that’s just one spark away from a major conflagration. But its attempt to become a genuine news source for the foothills is pretty much smoke-and-mirrors. … Continue reading

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The Internet is changing the way we communicate

Legendary (in his own mind) blogger Jeff “Podunk” Pelline has apparently been drinking some of Reinette Senum’s conspiracy theory Kool-Aid, conjuring up a coordinated effort to bring down Nevada City’s most high-profile public official. Senum has apologized for the broad-brush … Continue reading

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More magical thinking in the Queen of the Northern Mines

I don’t care if Measure Y in Nevada City passes–this is the sort of issue that only the town’s self-absorbed residents could get passionate about–but I couldn’t help notice the mayor’s attitude toward the town’s declining share of the Transient … Continue reading

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We’ve from the government, we’re here to screw things up

The quaint little tourist trap of Nevada City received some unflattering attention last year thanks to the zany behavior of the City Council. Among other things, it managed to leave the town with reduced fire protection for three months. Three … Continue reading

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