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Reforms needed before public loses confidence in police

The video images were clear and unmistakable. Nobody could deny what they were seeing, or explain it away. White Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin had his knee on the neck of black suspect George Floyd, ignoring Floyd’s plea that “I can’t … Continue reading

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So much for Trump’s conservative Supreme Court

One of Donald Trump’s biggest selling points for reelection—and a position embraced by the Republican Party—is the conservative makeover of the federal judiciary that has taken place in the last three plus years. No more legislating from the federal bench, … Continue reading

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QUICK HITS: Getting ‘serious’ about protecting customers

–“Businesses are really taking this seriously” when it comes to protecting customers against the coronavirus, Amy Irani, Nevada County’s environmental health director, said in the June 12 issue of The Union. The quote was right next to the picture of … Continue reading

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Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Peggy

Peggy Noonan, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, best-selling author, speech writer for Ronald Reagan, and long active in Republican affairs, writing about Donald Trump’s “biblical moment” and his supporters, in The Wall Street Journal: “In all this he gave up the game … Continue reading

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Ready to reenter post-shut down America? Good luck

As we enter the uncharted waters of a post-shut down America, I have a couple of questions: Is it safe to go outside? Where is it safe? Like everybody else, I’m tired of spending too much time at home. Like … Continue reading

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Put your money where your mouth is

People who like to bet legally on sports events have been left high and dry—and more solvent than they’ve been in a long time—since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Nevada casinos and their bookmaking operations. The only sports books … Continue reading

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