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Michael Flynn: The spy who’s back out in the cold

Well, there is at least one thing Barack Obama and Donald Trump agree on: Michael Flynn is unfit for government service. Obama came to that conclusion when he fired Flynn from the top job at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. … Continue reading

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McClintock stands up while LaMalfa bails out

Whether you agree with him or not, you have to give Rep. Tom McClintock credit for facing a room full of hostile constituents at a town hall meeting in Roseville on Saturday. McClintock answered questions for an hour, and never … Continue reading

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Trump vs. the media: Now the real fun begins

When it was revealed that President Richard Nixon kept an enemies list, Washington reporters who made the list gained a little bit more prestige and gravitas among their peers because they were thought to be tough on the president. Reporters … Continue reading

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Trump might be able to win Nevada County now

Nevada County is the only county in this part of California that Donald Trump lost in the general election, Hillary Clinton out polling him 47.4 percent to 42.5 percent. That outcome might change if a new vote was held today … Continue reading

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Ryan demonstrates again that our elected leaders are clueless

It has been observed that our elected leaders spend so much time inside the Washington Beltway that they’ve lost touch with the people they represent. House Speaker Paul Ryan reinforced the notion again this week. The occasion was the swearing-in … Continue reading

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Democrats abandoned the white working class, but the Republicans will exploit them

They probably don’t want to hear it right now, but the people who voted for Donald Trump because they believe he will improve their economic situation better be careful what they wish for. We’re told that Trump’s unexpected victory was … Continue reading

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