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Is the campaign just another money-making venture for Trump?

Thanks to a “fantastic” fund-raising effort in June and July, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has raised $132 million, according to his campaign manager, Paul “The Bagman” Manafort. As with everything else that comes out of the campaign, we’ll require some … Continue reading

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Is this what social conservatives, evangelicals signed up for?

Social conservatives and evangelical Christians are captives of the Republican Party, primarily because the Democrats are unwilling to bend on the issues that are important to this constituency. They’re four-square for traditional marriage–you know, Dick and Jane instead of Dick … Continue reading

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Trump doesn’t understand that what he says has consequences

  Donald Trump’s latest brain-dead comment inviting Russia to commit espionage in America and meddle in domestic politics once again illustrates Trump’s inability to understand his statements have consequences. Trump said he was being sarcastic, but if the remark was … Continue reading

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