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Word on the street is that Jeffie is grandstanding again

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, always quick to come to the defense of a potential advertiser in his alleged magazine, is going after The Union for a recent story claiming multiple customers’ drinks were spiked at local bars. The Union ran a … Continue reading

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Wonders will never cease

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, who has had nothing nice to say about The Union since management showed him the door several years ago, actually gave the newspaper credit for beating YubaNet with the story that ex-Supervisor Terry Lamphier’s no-contest plea to … Continue reading

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Correction of a post based on erroneous information

I published a post December 7, “There’s Reinette Senum, and then there’s the truth,” in which I criticized Senum for telling The Union that a demonstrator at the Standing Rock protest almost had her arm blown off by a water … Continue reading

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Journalism that stands apart in The Union

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline’s animus toward The Union is well-known in these parts–hell, he’s been obsessing about the place ever since they cut him loose several years ago. But his hatred of the paper can make him look like a fool, … Continue reading

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Another example of why newspapers are losing readership

We left the San Francisco Chronicle behind when we moved to Nevada County in 2000, mainly because the paper they delivered was the sheep herder edition–distributed to the farthest reaches of their circulation area. Because the paper went to press … Continue reading

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An example of why it’s difficult to write accurate history

One of the reasons it’s difficult to write accurate history is that people who were there have trouble keeping the facts straight. Take Stan Meckler, who was there at the founding of the Tea Party movement, writing about its birth … Continue reading

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